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2523220 (5/3way Air pilot valve)
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˙ Integrated sound absorption eliminating objectionable air noise
˙Straight thru flow paths assuring high flow rates and fast response time
˙Simple, compact yet most efficient design thanks to T-ring system
˙Easy to service
˙Uncomplicated and fast replacement of solenoids
˙Compact design

Standard manual override

˙No overlap

Norminal Size 7 and 12
Indirectly solenoid pilot actuated
Spool with pressure energized soft seals
Port size G1/4, up G1/2
Operating pressure:2.5 to 10 bar
(see Parameters)

* Oil recommendation : Shell Hydrol DO 32, Shell Febis K32 (as of July 1992)
   or compatable oils with DVI values < 8 (DIN53521) and ISO viscosity class 32-46 (DIN51519)

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˙Solenoid valve for filtered, lubricator* or non-lubricated air
˙Flow direction:Fixed
˙Temperature range:-10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
˙Material - Body:Aluminum
˙Material - Seat Seal:NBR
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